If Doklam standoff escalates into war, China stands to lose more than India

If Doklam standoff escalates into war, China stands to lose more than India

China said that if the opposition Doklam becomes war, it does not limit its strike in Sikkim alone.

While China has launched empty threats to India, we must realize that it tends to lose more in the case of war.

First, what to keep in mind is that he had a lot of problems with all his neighbors.

Although there are problems with neighbors, China also has a positive trade balance with most of its neighbors because of the export-oriented economy.

Any war would shake this balance and many of its neighbors are going to hit the panic button that could be expensive to China.

China also has to keep in mind that its ambitious economic corridor between China and Pakistan, which now exceeds the more than 60 billion is shaking in case of war.

The protection of India’s ambitious project in the event of war will be lost, and China can not afford it.

The total war with India does not go well with the USA. And Japan. This would also lead to escalating tensions in the South China Sea, where China has made a sovereign claim.

Chinese hegemony was challenged by the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines.

Any escalation of tension or war with China those nations support India and this would have a domino effect in the South China Sea.

A war that would annul the Chinese Indian Navy. China’s investment in the port of Chittagong in Bangladesh, the Balearic Islands in Myanmar, Djibouti, Hambantotat port in southwest Sri Lanka and Gwardar port in Pakistan.

A war would see the Indian Navy being aggressive and hostile. China can not afford to be stifled by the Indian Navy in all these places.

Indian analysts say that China only throw threats and is aware in the case of total war that has more to lose.

China is heavily protected investments and includes the serious risks they face if they wage war with India, as analysts say.

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