Sircilla fire guts Digvijaya Singh, Dalit face Meira sparks exit

Sircilla fire guts Digvijaya Singh, Dalit face Meira sparks exit

Hyderabad: The writing was on the wall for some time in the eviction of Digvijaya Singh as secretary general of the AICC in charge of Telangana.

But the last nail in the coffin was taken by the former House Speaker and Congressman Meira Kumar, who now stands as the Dalit face of Congress.

“Not all is well in Congress and Telangana Digvijaya is to blame,” she said she had informed the party of President Sonia Gandhi after his visit to Sircilla in Karimnagar Monday, during which he met with some Dalits and demanded an investigation Judicial review of their torture by the police.

During his long stay, Digvijaya turned out to be the most controversial secretary general of the AICC to administer the party in a united AP and later the two telugu states.

Appointed in 2004 by the PA, Digvijaya had a good relationship with Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy.

However, party leadership replaced by Ghulam Nabi Azad and Digvijaya was reduced just before the 2013 elections.

The biggest failure of the Congress led by Digvijaya was its inability to charge the feeling of Telangana despite the fact that it was the Congressional Working Committee (CWC) under the direction of Sonia Gandhi agreed to the creation of Telangana.

As expected, it was broadcast in the residual state of the PA and could not be screened among the voters in Telangana and was decimated here as well.

But failures have continued accumulating and falling Digvijaya in recent months has been fast.

He was also secretary general of the AICC in charge of Goa, but despite the fact that Congress emerges as the largest party in the elections meeting earlier this year, he was forced by the BJP and was forced to sit the Opposition .

In April, Digvijaya was stripped of its responsibilities from Goa and Karnataka, the latter after local congressional leaders complained about its operating style.

In Telangana, while Congress has acted as an ineffective opposition party, Digvijaya continued to issue controversial statements.

Farmers were handcuffed, the Earth broke Miyapur and farmers’ suicides continued unabated, but Congress has not been seen anywhere.

Meanwhile, Digvijaya Telangana instructs the police to create a fake ISIS website so that young Muslims can be lured with which they can be caught.

This resulted in a massive protest, even within the party and complaints were filed with the party’s high command against its operating style.

Without Telangana regularly visits and conducting effective campaigns against the TRS regime Digvijaya limited itself to making duplicates on various topics, including the alleged involvement of key leaders in TRS drugs snowshoeing.

After visiting Meira Kumar on another Monday, Congress decided that it was enough for him and he was stripped of his cargo of Telangana.

Interestingly, Andhra Pradesh’s position with Digvijaya has remained, despite the fact that Congress shows poor performance similar to that of an opposition party in Telangana.

After being freed from the main responsibilities of the party, the indications are that Digvijaya takes a whim to lead Congress in its attempts to regain power in Madhya Pradesh and, to that end, consider the completion of a padayatra.

But with respect to Telangana, his acting as general secretary of the AICC in charge of the state for several years is endless.

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