Kelly gives McMaster cover in West Wing battles

Kelly gives McMaster cover in West Wing battles

National Security Adviser HR McMaster, who led a battle with other high-level managers for Control and personnel policy at the National Security Council, takes advantage of the protection offered by the arrival of his former military colleague John Kelly as Chief of staff of the White House.

Kelly said McMaster this week that he wanted him to stay as a national security adviser, said he was two senior White House advisers and encouraged to make whatever modifications deemed necessary staffing.

McMaster led the green light this week to oust the aid of Ezra’s superior intelligence. Cohen-Watnick – Rent Michael Flynn has a warm relationship with Jared Kushner, chief adviser to President Donald Trump and his son – after months of testing.

McMaster, a three-star general who was drafted by Trump to replace Flynn in February, was an increasingly volatile presence in the west wing, operating under a cloud of rumors that Trump, with whom he had a dangerous relationship, was Considering his replacement as another post, possibly sending him to monitor the war in Afghanistan.

In recent weeks, according to officials of more than half a dozen current and former who had a direct interaction with him, McMaster was curled up White House attendants near Trump that he perceived as sub Jacint his authority.

He finds himself on national security escapes and hits negative stories he believes are spread by his enemies. And McMaster, whose temperament is legendary, often blows his top in high-level meetings.

“It can be very intense,” said POLITICO McMaster a confidant who talks to him regularly and is a great advocate. “It’s difficult for some people.”

McMaster does not agree with Steve Bannon, Trump’s strategist, who was removed from the National Security Council’s Executive Committee in April after the appointment of McMaster.

In mid-July, the two began to discuss openly at a political meeting in Afghanistan, with McMaster pleading for greater United States involvement and Bannon argue in favor of greater investment.

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The conflict was so evident, according to a pair of senior White House officials, Defense Secretary James Mattis had to intervene to review the discussion.

Then met with Kushner, the influential son, has a better relationship with him these days, said a White House official with direct knowledge.

Officials also said he believes that emanating from McMaster Bannon is responsible for filtering negative information about the media – even through, the information site on the Bannon most right before joining Trump’s campaign in 2016 .

Many of the officials, like others, spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of losing their jobs, said McMaster, who has a doctorate. In American history, he stands on unstable ground with Trump, who said he wants to keep – for now.

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