Mueller’s grand jury: What it means

Mueller’s grand jury: What it means

The news that special adviser Robert Mueller highlighted a grand jury has rocked Washington, fueling speculation that the investigation of Russian electoral interference will increase amplitude and gravity.

The Wall Street Journal reported for the first time that Mueller, whose prosecutor team has risen to 16 in recent weeks, now has a special pool of 23 jurors to examine the cited documents, hear testimony and ultimately Decide if criminal charges are warranted.

A spokesman for the Special Council refused to confirm or deny the existence of the grand jury.

Legal experts say development is not in itself surprising: a special investigator with high authority by the Justice Department to investigate allegations near the White House should convene a grand jury he chose.

But the grand jury based in DC, based on CC.M., is significant because Mueller has already had a grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia for a study of trade relations and campaign contacts Trump, former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

If Mueller said the investigation did not extend beyond Flynn, he would not have had to impose a new grand jury in the capital, some say.

The existence of a grand jury also indicates that Mueller criminal charges, even if the objective of the investigation and channels may be that they remain a mystery.

Mueller citation to appear powers and may compel witnesses to testify before the grand jury, who will also vote in the lack of action of any of the issues of their investigations.

The legal talent of high-level Mueller continues to accumulate – more recently, Greg Andres, a New York law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell, left his partner to join the team – is a sign for some that the special hollow adviser for a month Or even long-term.

“It goes well in 2018 and if it goes on further, everyone admits that” Robert Ray, special adviser who investigated President Bill Clinton’s Whitewater relations, told The Hill. “This is an indication that it will not be wrapped in 30, 60 or 90 days.”

However, experts have warned not to read too much the formation of a grand jury, which is an expected step for an experienced attorney like Mueller.

In addition, a grand jury does not always return the accusations. Grand jury Ray Whitewater had no criminal charge against the president.

“If I’m at Trump World, I do not know that this surprises me because it’s not a surprise, but it’s certainly not good news for the president,” said John Wood, a former federal prosecutor.

“It is interesting because there was always the possibility that in the end the investigation soon and this is an indication that it does not.However, this does not mean that charges are available.Many juries are used for research part, as well as the Expenses, so there may be charges. He just said that Mueller looks at Michael Flynn. ”

The pool of 23 citizens on foot should be called weekly to discuss Mueller’s results and witnesses who will be forced to testify under penalty of contempt.

Grand juries usually last 12 to 18 months, but can last for years. In the event that the majority of the members of the jury – 12 – is subject to an accusation. The grand juries are shared by several prosecutors, but Mueller is expected to be alone.

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