Netanyahu’s son under fire for crude post

Netanyahu’s son under fire for crude post

From adulthood, the eldest son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said media criticism for what was interpreted as a life of privileges at the expense of taxpayers.

Yair Netanyahu, 26, was described as someone who works with world leaders and has a bodyguard funded while living in the official residence of the prime minister.

But his recent behavior, including the brutal social media daily, has publicly criticized the sons of a former Israeli leader as well as threats of defamation.

He also revived the criticism of hedonism and the sense of duty imposed by the Netanyahu family, at a time when the prime minister faces multiple allegations of corruption.

Israeli police announced Thursday that Netanyahu was suspected of fraud, abuse of trust and bribery in a couple of cases just as his son had been convicted by the press.

The youngest Netanyahu came to the tabloids last weekend when a neighbor has written an explanation of how he refused to retire after the Netanyahu family dog in a public park and then, when faced, gave the neighbor’s finger .

Yair Netanyahu attacked on Facebook on a website run by a liberal think tank that explains what he said was his luxurious way of life at the expense of taxpayers.

In the post, Netanyahu claimed that the site is funded by what claims foreign interests, referring indirectly to the Israel Fund New pessimist, which he renamed “Israel’s Destruction Fund.” He signed an emoji with a middle finger and a bunch of excrement.

The Times of Israel said on Thursday that the Molad organization which administers the site served as the youngest Netanyahu with a notice of intent to prosecute.

The announcement had said that his messages “had no real apex” and that Molad stopped receiving money from the IBF last year.

Molad representatives could not be reached for comment.

The New Israel Fund noted that Yair Netanyahu made the comments on Tishah Be Av, the day that Jews weep over the destruction of their biblical temples, caused by internal divisions and hatred.

“That day … it would be appropriate for the prime minister to teach his son to spread the love of Israel,” the fund said in a statement.

But perhaps the most severe reactions of some of the other objectives of his post, in which he stated that the children of the former leaders of Israel, Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert were not subject to such a review.

There was a suggestion that a son Olmert had “an interesting relationship with a Palestinian” that affected national security.

Olmert’s son, Ariel, returned on Facebook, denying he was homosexual, rejecting claims in his fabrication and accusing the young Netanyahu of “racism and homophobia.”

“I did not listen until now, maybe because, in my opinion, there is nothing negative to be gay or Palestinian,” he has written. “Their attempts to drag me into their twisted reality are doomed to failure.”

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