Officials came to check on a family’s welfare. A woman and kids ran out, saying they were held inside for 2 years.

Officials came to check on a family’s welfare. A woman and kids ran out, saying they were held inside for 2 years.

Fredericksburg, VA. – The one-story house on Mina Street dismantled and looked suspiciously vacant. Trash scattered the earth, and deformed tiles. Neighbors could not remember seeing people coming and going.

But someone was worried. On Saturday, a concerned citizen called the local authorities, asking someone to check the family who lived there. In a matter of minutes, two sheriff’s agents arrived. A 43-year-old man named Kariem Moore opened the door and found the outside agents at the bottom of the stairs before the house.

“It began to pull and delight,” said Lt. C. A. Carey, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Spotsylvania County Office. “They tried to divert their attention … But MPs have pointed out,” We are here to check the well-being of your family. ”

When Moore turned his back to accompany the deputies in the house, Carey said, a woman and two children, ages 11 and 8, smashed a back door on the right side of the house screaming.

The woman made a startling statement, Carey said that Moore had detained and captive boys for at least two years, which prevented them from leaving the property.

Moore was charged with three counts of kidnapping and reporting of aggression and crimes of persecution, Carey said, and is being held without bail in the Rappahannock Regional Prison. He faces a preliminary hearing in September. Authorities say they believe it was related to the wife and children are their biological children.

Authorities have not released the details of the alleged captivity, for example, where the woman and her two-year-old son slept, what they ate and how Moore would have banned the escape.

When he was arrested, he carried no weapon. Carey said he did not know if Moore had kept the guns in the house, because the investigation is ongoing.
“It’s not something you see on a daily basis. It looks on television, but not in your local community,” Carey said. “You never know when a simple call can save someone’s life.”

He said members of the sheriff had not been called to property before 2017. There was a request for another court service in 2016, Carey said, but the members who responded to the residence were to be remembered before arrival or once They arrived

Online records show that Moore lived in Philadelphia. It was not immediately clear what brought him to Virginia, but it seems he spent some time in Fairfax County before ending up in Fredericksburg, about 50 miles south of Washington.

Dave Larrabee, director of operations for the Lamb Center – a day center for the homeless in Fairfax – said Moore attended this facility for about four or five months in 2012 with a woman Larrabee says he is his wife and son little.

Moore’s mother, Harriette Moore, said in a brief telephone interview that she had not seen her son in five years. He said he was still trying to learn more about the accusations against him.

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