West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice isn’t the only Democrat Trump won over

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice isn’t the only Democrat Trump won over

Huntington, West Virginia. – While it is very rare for a functioning governor to change his political party while in the office – while West Virginia Governor Jim Justice (D) announced that in a meeting with Trump’s president Thursday night – The crossing was familiar to many in the crowd that night.

Kimberly Barrington, a two-fifty-five-year-old mother from Virginia’s Wise County Virginia, voted for Democrats for years, including former President Barack Obama before her first term – but while looking at him and away Democratic party Values ​​and priorities, he decided to vote in 2012 for Republican candidate Mitt Romney and after the victory in 2016.

Marty Ramsey, a 49-year-old boy from Kenova who kept the trains independent several years ago, after seeing the Democrats allow the government to become heavily involved in health care, implement common core education standards think too liberal , Reducing access to firearms and restricting the freedoms of Americans. After voting for the 2008 and 2012 elections voted for by Ramsey Trump last year.

Paula Langston, a 41-year-old who has grown and has always voted for Republicans, said she was shocked when her parents – a lifelong Democrat – have announced they will vote for Trump.

They have a bar in town and they realize that the vote for the Democrats and still does not work, so they decided to take the risk of Trump said. She does not know if it is a single game or a complete change of heart.

“It will depend on how you do it,” he said, “if you see the impact on your life you promised.”
Trump’s core support group includes a significant number of Democrats and former Democrats, as well as people who were not motivated to vote in years, and key to their electoral victory won dozens of rural and industrial counties Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio Who have already voted for Obama.

Republican and Democratic strategists have carefully studied this group, whether it is permanent or not.

Many interviewed Thursday night who did not know how to describe politics or how they might change in the future, but that their decision will be linked to the candidates they propose.

Here in western West Virginia, where the fall of the Appalachians in the rusty belt, Democrats and Republicans are concerned about the economy, access to affordable medical care and unbridled heroin epidemic because West Virginia has the highest death rate by Overdose of the country.

Trump supporters have said they are concerned about terrorist attacks, violent immigrants entering the country illegally and declining influence from Christianity.

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