Push for public transport, Delhi govt identifies land to build 7 depots for new buses

Delhi Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday approved an action plan to build construction sites for the 3,503 additional buses, sweep the house to achieve the National Court’s goal to draw 11,000 buses.

Parking space was one of the main obstacles in the way the Delhi government acquired new buses to strengthen the public transport bus fleet.

Under the plan, bus stations will be built in seven plots with a total area of over 50 acres in December 2018. These deposits come to Rani Khera Kalan Mundela, Dera Mandi, East Vinod Nagar, Narela, and Bawana Rewla Khanpur. These houses more than 1,200 new buses.

“Instead of going to the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), the Delhi government has identified its own land. Now that the land problem is resolved, we will soon buy more buses out of the 2000 Cabinet has already approved” “said Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot in Hindustan Times.

The minister said that once the 2000 buses have been deployed in March next year, more offers of 1315 would be launched in April 2018. The remaining 2,128 buses are added later.

“The goal is to float offers six months in advance until the new deposits are loans. Deposits for the buses coming by the end of this exercise will be ready by December 2017 and the ones here will be stationed in Dwarka and Kharkhari Nahar,” said Ghahlot .

Of the seven sites, the 4.5-acre Mundela Kalan plot and the seven-acre plot at Dera Mandi are the Gaba Sabha land of the Delhi government. Another parcel of 14.39 acres will be given at Rani Khera to the Delhi Transport Company by the Delhi Industrial Development Corporation and Infrastructure (DSIIDC).

At a cabinet meeting on Friday that the plan was presented by Transport Commissioner Varsha Joshi, Kejriwal also asked the transport minister to personally carry out a monthly review of the project’s results.

However, there are also over 90 acres of land in different locations that are waiting for the DP allocation. “The payment of 32 acres of land in Sector 37 and 32 of Rohini and Vasant Kunj has already been made in DDA, which is now due to hand over land. Another 51 acres has been stuck at Millennium Depot for those who authority must change land use, “said a transport official.

At present, Delhi has 5426 buses under the DTC and cluster service that are stationed on 262 acres of depots located throughout the city. While warehouses for cluster buses are full, DTC officials said their existing warehouses were underutilized because of old buses that have been retired. “In the existing infrastructure, we have room to park 100 additional buses,” said one official.

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